Sitemap - 2021 - Strategy Notes

Half-off for the holidays

On strategic maturity

Everyone has a strategy

Seven Ways to See Strategy

Swim in the right pond

All strategies are tactics

It's your decision

You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe

The World’s Most Powerful Chemical Weapon

Every strategy starts as a story

"Good" Isn't Enough

The Law in Strategy

The Language of Strategy

What is strategy's dark matter?

And What Then?

What is the strategist's key skill?

The Magic of Strategy

Seventh Day Strategy Stress Test

Is there a strategist’s duty to disagree?

The Enduring Value and False Promise of Mission Statements

The (Military) Strategist's Oath

What a dog's death can teach a strategist and military officer

Strategies are worthless. The strategist is everything.

Find your blind spots

Strategic thought experiments

First Mover (Dis)advantage

The One Hour Strategist

The Weakness of OODA

Words on War

Building an arsenal of ideas

Strategy versus Strategies versus Plans

Nobody Wants to Read Your Strategy

Why Strategies Suck

Strategy-making's Rule of Thirds

Commitment Strategy


A real Sam Damon, wearing a Marine uniform

How to rank and value strategists

Meaningful versus calculated risk

Beeple is a 21st Century Napoleon

The Paradoxical Strategist

On the Law of Conservation of Strategy

Always Pre-check your Strategy

The Brutal Elegance of Strategic Amputation

Michael Flynn is no general

The Hill You Should Die On

Sun Tzu in the Vineyard

50 Pro Tips for Strategists

John Boyd’s greatest lesson wasn’t the OODA Loop

Sidebar: Fighting the enemy within the ranks

Atomic Strategic Habits

Hippos and Hawks in Strategy

What can we learn from Tibetan self-immolation?

What strategists can learn from the US senate runoffs in Georgia

There is only one successful strategy